Please note that our stores open at 10am every Wednesday to allow for Staff Training.

A Canongate Renaissance - Chapter 1

Our flagship store premises at 189 Canongate have been home to GNKfamily for more than 15 years now. The ground floor and basement of this sturdy 17th-century tenement have housed, protected, and nurtured our growth from very humble beginnings back in 2009. When you build an enterprise from almost nothing, things tend to evolve rather organically - with furnishings & fixtures gleaned from various sources over the years and functionality often taking precedence over aesthetics - the resulting interior has a somewhat eclectic ambiance! And let's just say we feel it is finally time to rejuvenate our beloved abode with a little TLC...

Our distinctive Red Tenement building on the Canongate, depicted by The Edinburgh Sketcher

...and so, the door of our Canongate Sales Store will close at end of the business day on Saturday 3rd February - temporarily !

The whole of the GNKfamily will then get straight to work to carefully relocate everything necessary for the Sales Team to continue "Business as Usual" from our St Marys Street Hire Store - with huge gratitude to the accommodating Hire Team for hosting ! 

Behind the scenes, the entire Canongate shop floor will be thoroughly emptied to allow for a small but mighty team of creative professionals to work their magic. The area will be thoughtfully transformed with care to create a functional and beautiful space, enhancing the GNK experience.

Whilst the metamorphosis is underway, you can follow updates and catch brief glimpses of progress over on our social channels  Instagram and Facebook. Stay curious, the reveal is going to be momentous ! 

Let's take a backward glance to our very early days at 189 Canongate ....

GNK at 189 Canongate in early days   Opening Day for GNK at 189 Canongate. Gordon & a very small Hamish !


A Piper during a GNK Tartan Talk at 189 Canongate Early Days of GNK at 189 Canongate Tartan Talks at 189 Canongate - a packed house !

...while we look forward to the exciting improvements ahead.