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A Tartan Tale: Flodden

Flodden tartan

This special commemorative tartan was designed by Gordon Nicolson in 2013 to mark the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden, where 5,000 English and 10,000 Scots lost their lives. It forms a potent stitch in a thread of historic remembrance intrinsic to the City of Edinburgh and the Border Common Ridings.

The colours of the Flodden tartan symbolically unite the two opposing sides of a devastating battle, which saw James IVth become the last Scottish monarch to fall in combat. The Tudor green and white of the English Army are bound inextricably to the deep red and gold colours of the Scottish forces, set against the grey and brown of the ground that they fought on, where many lie still. 

The Flodden tartan plays an important role in the annual commemorative tradition of the Border Commons Ridings.

border common ridings

Flodden tartan tie

border common ridings

Eve Nicolson riding Alfie

Flodden Wall