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Editorial: Introducing British Wool Tartan

For the first time in a long time, tartan is once again woven using British Wool by Lochcarron of Scotland.

To keep up with the demand for Scottish woven cloth, wool has been imported from around the world from countries with similar climates to Scotland such as New Zealand. The wool would travel around 15000 miles before reaching the Scottish Borders to be transformed into the finest woven tartans.

Until now...

Lochcarron of Scotland's Strome (heavyweight 16oz) range of tartans, ideal for handmaking beautiful kilts and tailoring highlandwear is now available woven using British wool...but this project, already two years in the making, has more to come! Strome tartans are now woven in a mix of New Zealand and British wool sourced around Yorkshire, over time, the New Zealand wool will be phased out until the range is purely British. The sourcing of wool will then be concentrated closer and closer to the Lochcarron's mill in Selkirk, the Scottish Borders, until it is sourced from no further than a 40 mile radius.

Not only does this project champion Made in Britain, supporting British farmers and craftsmanship, it is also hugely sustainable and a massive step forward in the Scottish textiles industry as we consider our impact on the environment more and more.

Lochcarron of Scotland Strome British Wool Tartans are now available to our customers, to browse head over to our Tartan Directory Heavyweight section

And to learn more about this project, click here

Blue Buchanan British Wool Handmade Kilt

Nathan: Blue Buchanan handmade kilt in Lochcarron of Scotland's British Wool styled with navy Lovat Mill tweed kilt jacket and waistcoat with Margaret Morrison brogue day sporran, House of Cheviot navy hose, Norman Milne brass stag kilt pin, Loake waxed boots and twilight woollen tie.

Woven by Lochcarron of Scotland - introducing British wool to their range of beautiful heavyweight tartans, ideal for kiltmaking

Made-to-measure in the worlds finest tartans, now available woven with British wool

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers handmade kilt made from Lochcarron Of Scotland's British wool

Handmade Blue Buchanan kilt tailored from Lochcarron of Scotland's brand new British wool range styled with Lovat mill made-to-measure tweed kilt jacket and waistcoat

Made-to-measure British wool handmade kilt in Blue Buchanan tartan, with Lovat Mill tweed jacket and waistcoat and Margaret Morrison brogue day sporran

Made-to-measure Blue Buchanan British wool kilt with custom made tartan kilt pockets

Handmade Blue Buchanan British wool kilt with peat Holyrood jacket and waistcoat, Norman Milne brass stag kilt pin, House of Cheviot navy hose, Loake waxed boots, Margaret Morrison day sporran and peat woollen tie

Tartan by Lochcarron of Scotland
Outfit created by Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers
Location John Muir Way, Dunbar
Captured by Rose+Julien
Modelled by Nathan Ross