Made-to-Measure kilts and outfits are now at a 20 week minimum lead time; Made-to-Measure Trews, Jackets and Waistcoats are a minimum of 12 weeks and bespoke accessories are a minimum of 8 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

GNK: Time for Reflection

In a post Covid work full of uncertainty, let's take a moment to reflect and look at what keeps GNK special and moving forward no matter what - there are no limits.

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers handmade kilt

We were recently asked "will Scotland run out of kilts this summer?" as demand booms thanks to the return of tourism and weddings among other special events. Our answer was clear and simple - not at GNK, not ever...and here's why:

We wouldn't necessarily agree that Scotland could run out of kilts this summer - we believe that the situation here at Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers is considerably less bleak than that due to the ground work GNK and the Edinburgh Kiltmakers Academy have put in over the last few years to ensure the future of this craft especially throughout uncertain times.
It is fair to say that yes, demand is incredibly high and lead times are long as people look to invest in or hire beautifully handmade kilts and outfits for weddings, graduations, trips abroad that require an extra special nod to Scotland after two years of lockdowns and cancellations. Some locals have saved up and want their kilt outfit for life ready and waiting for future events, while others have travelled from far and wide seeking us out to make their outfit no matter the lead times because of our reputation, expertise, highest levels of quality and friendly welcome. You're not just buying a kilt, you're buying into the people who make it and that runs through all of our thinking as we manoeuvre through this unprecedented time. GNK has seen levels like this before as a result of our place and reputation within the market and we are pleased to see these high levels return and welcome our customers into our stores again!
What we have here at GNK is special. We are upfront , both online and in store, about how long a kilt takes and what goes into truly making them - and for a beautifully handmade garment, it always takes a wee while. Our kiltmakers are trained and many work under our own roof, setting us apart from other members of the highlandwear industry - we invested in people to secure both the present situation across both sales and kilt hire, and the future of kiltmaking, something others overlooked. We therefore have a healthy band of expert kiltmakers far and wide around Scotland to pull from all trained to the highest standards through our kiltmaking academy and critically, support their livelihoods during these trying times for many.
The key is people, skilled people all working towards one great goal - to propel the highlandwear and kiltmaking world into a fantastic future and remain at the top of our game as a team throughout this boom. We will not be running out of kilts this summer due to hard work, foresight, great relationships Gordon Nicolson has cultivated and a fantastically multi-talented team.

Captured by Greg Chalmers - Ashton Haig Photography