Made-to-Measure kilts and outfits are now at a 20 week minimum lead time; Made-to-Measure Trews, Jackets and Waistcoats are a minimum of 12 weeks and bespoke accessories are a minimum of 8 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Inside Highlandwear: Hose

Some of our customers question the appeal of a knee-length garment in a country with over 30 unique words for bad weather. Are we mad? No! Well, at least not this time.

We Scots are a hardy people, unafraid to roll up our trews for a paddle in the North Sea or the occasional sub-zero picnic. But we know how to stay warm. And believe us when we say that 8 yards of pleated wool is the best way to do it. And where the kilt ends, the hose* begin. Made of thick knit, they’re far less likely to soak up water and slap against your legs than trousers. It’s almost like we know what we’re doing.

Traditional kilt hose were woven to match your tartan (a simplified version called an ‘Argyle’ pattern) or had diced tops for the regiments. Today, we favour plain colours in intricately-knitted wool blends.

*In case you hadn’t figured it out yet, hose means socks. Knee-length kilt socks. It’s a traditional word for a traditional product. Now stop giggling at the back.

How To Wear It:

At GNK, we suggest matching your hose to your jacket and waistcoat - although the jauntier gentleman may prefer to pick out a colour in his kilt. It’s customary to wear cream or black with formal wear. 

Hose are kept up by garter flashes. We recommend a gap two or three fingers wide between them and your kilt.

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