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Editorial: The Platinum Jubilee Edit

Today marks the 70th anniversary of the Queen's Coronation.
The Royal Family have long been associated with tartan and kilt-wearing,
HRH The Prince of Wales being an avid kilt wearer himself!

Hunting Stewart Modern - Casual Outfit


As part of the celebrations for the upcoming Jubilee, we are exploring the Royal Family's connection to kilts. Did you know that the Stewart sett is proudly worn by the Royals, owing to their long history as the ruling clan of Scotland? The current Queen is directly related to Clan Stewart through James IV's daughter, who married into the family that would eventually lead to the Georgian dynasty. However, this connection faced some challenges in 1745, when the Dress Act was introduced following a battle between the kilted Jacobites and the Duke of Cumberland's army. This resulted in a 37-year ban on kilts for all male highlanders of fighting age, except those in a highland regiment. But by 1822, the Royal connection to kilts made a comeback! The Dress Act had been abolished, and tartans had become commercialized and desirable. The Royal Family's love for Scotland inspired even more popularity for tartans, with Queen Victoria and Prince Albert even purchasing Balmoral, which remains a haven for the Royals today.


Stewart Modern Hunting - Casual Outfit


Currently, HRH The Prince of Wales serves as the Patron of the Scottish Tartans Authority and enjoys wearing his Hunting Stewart Modern kilt while spending time at Balmoral. This Royal connection between kilts and the Royals has inspired a recent photoshoot to honour the Queen's Platinum Jubilee.