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We’ve called it ‘the Argyll’ but, really, this is an updated version of the traditional doublet / sack jacket hybrid (there’s a bit of tailoring history for you). More versatile than the Prince Charlie, the Argyll can move seamlessly through formal dos, informal hootenannies, and events that manage to combine both.

The Argyll is a bit easier on the waistline than the Prince Charlie, and a popular accompaniment for a pair of trews. 


Paired with a matching five-buttoned waistcoat, the Argyll can be dressed up with a wing-collared shirt and cravat, or down with an everyday shirt and tie. Some may choose to lose the waistcoat altogether (whether by choice or necessity), in which case the Argyll can be worn with a kilt belt. A dress sporran will always work well with the Argyll, but a semi-dress (or even a day sporran) won’t raise any eyebrows on less formal occasions. Similarly, it can be paired with a wide range of hose for daywear, although white and black, accompanied by black ghillie brogues, remain essential to evening dress. Chrome buttons can be replaced with antique-finish ones to match an antique sporran cantle. 

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