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Prince Charlie Jacket & 5 Button Waistcoat

Prince Charlie Jacket & 5 Button Waistcoat

  • £250.00

The Prince Charlie Jacket & Vest with a 5 Button Waistcoat offers the style and sharpness of the Prince Charlie Jacket but worn with the 5 button waistcoat offers a wider selection of ties and shirts that can be worn with it.

The Prince Charlie Jacket is a short jacket. It is also the dinner jacket of kilt jackets.

Features of The Prince Charlie Jacket includes: 

  • Satin lapels.
  • 3 celtic buttons on the front panels on each side of the jacket but these do not fasten they are there only for show.
  • On the cuffs there are 3 Celtic buttons which run up and down the forearm of the jacket.
  • On the back of the jacket 2 short tails with four Celtic buttons on each side.
  • On the shoulders are 2 braided epaulettes, secured by 2 Celitc Buttons
  • The Vest (waistcoat) is a high cut waistcoat and has 5 celtic buttons to close it.
  • On the back of the waistcoat is adjustment to ensure the waistcoat fits perfectly .
  • The fabric is 100% wool in black barathea with satin lapels but you have the option to choose from coloured barathea cloth. Other fabrics, including coloured velvet fabrics, can be used.