Made-to-Measure kilts, jackets/waistcoats and outfits are now at a 20 week minimum lead time, trews are a minimum of 12 weeks. No more accessories or alterations are being accepted at this time. This is subject to change due to demand on our team and suppliers, we cannot make exceptions - thank you for your patience.

Collection: Tweed

The simplest kilt jacket, the Tweed, carries a clout that that is much more than the sum of its elegantly-tailored parts. This is contemporary highlandwear at its finest, combining a modern aesthetic with luxurious heritage fabrics and quality craftsmanship. Whilst technically a daywear jacket, it is increasingly popular at semi-formal evening events.

An investment piece, the tweed is a favourite amongst grooms and highlandwear afficionados. They’ve not been in circulation long enough to put it to the test, but this is a kilt jacket that we’d like to see handed down…

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