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Alterations and Repairs

Kilts are usually made with room for adjustment inwards as well as outwards. So if you find that your kilt no longer fits you properly, our team of kiltmakers will be happy to alter it for you. Please give us a call and we will happily quote you a rough price for your alteration.


  • Moving Buckles in or out - This can be done same day (depending on workload so please phone ahead for confirmation).
  • Let out the front aprons - If the buckles cannot be moved out enough the kilt can be be let out through the front aprons. New linings will be used.
  • Re-make of the kilt - This involves the kilt being completely taken apart and re-made from scratch. New linings, canvas, buckles and straps are used.
  • Reversing aprons - Reversing the aprons involves swapping the front apron for the under apron. This is required when the front apron is marked or has holes in it. 
  • Kilt shortened from the top - This is the correct way of shortening a kilt. New linings are used.
  • Hem on kilt - The kilt is turned up from the bottom and hemmed so that it can be let down again if so required. It is also pressed professionaly so the pleats lie flat. This is required for boys/ladies kilts.
  • Longer Straps - (Set of 3) We can change the straps over to longer ones.
  • Clean, Baiste and Press - This is when the kilt is professionally dry cleaned and the baisting (tacking) stitches are sewn into the back of the kilt before pressing. The baisting can make a big difference to a kilt if it has been previously pressed with the pleats in the wrong position.
  • Jacket Alterations - There is not as much alteration that can be done to jackets. Sleeves can be shorten/lengthened and we can bring the chest and waist in, but not outwards. There is not much that can be done to make a jacket bigger.
  • Trouser Alterations - Trews can be shortened and lengthened if there is a hem. We can also bring them in for a more fitted trouser. 

Kilts may have to be dry cleaned prior to any work being carried out on them and charges will be applied. Time scales can vary from same day to 8 weeks depending on workload and alteration required. We may be unable to quote you an exact price until we have seen the item requiring repair or alteration. 

 For all inquires, please contact us and we will delighted to help you.