At GNK we offer experiences for any size of corporate group. The talks allow the clients the opportunity to be given an intimate and engaging presentation about the History of Tartan. 


The experience involves a detailed talk on the history of tartan and kilts, a local Piper perfoming a selection of traditional Scottish songs, great photo opportunities, and of course a good dose of Scottish humour!

The total cost is £200 inc VAT.

  • The talks can vary in length depending on the clients requirements but are usually 45-60 minutes.
  • We can take groups of up to 22 people. Some seating is provided but if required we can supply seats for everyone. 

Kilt Hire

Alternatively we can provide kilt hire for the group. We can provide a full outfit or half outfit.

We can also provide a combined package of Presentation and Kilt Hire. We are very flexible so if you have any additional requirements please let us know.
For additional information and pricing please contact