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Tartan Design

The process of creating your own tartan is detailed below:

  1. Choose a name for the tartan and a minimum of 4 colours you wish to be included.
  2. We will then create 6 designs for you that can be altered slightly if required. In order for your tartan to be added to the Tartan Register, each tartan has to be different from any other registered tartan.
  3. The tartan is then woven by a specialist Scottish mill which takes approximately 12 weeks. A minimum of 10 metres needs to be woven. The price then reduces with greater quantity. We use mediumweight 13oz cloth unless otherwise specified.
  4. Once the tartan design has been agreed it is then registered with the Scottish Tartans World Register and is added to the Tartan Register. We will send you a Certificate of Registration.

Design, registration and weaving 10 metres of cloth costs £995. Prices for kilts and additional products can be quoted on request.


Some of the tartans we have designed can be viewed below and purchased via the Exclusive Tartans section:



           BUTTIE                                    FLODDEN                                   FONG



    JOHN MUIR WAY                    KNIGHTS TEMPLAR               KNIGHTS TEMPLAR

                                                              DRESS                                   HUNTING



 RICHECOURT BARON                       SiMBA                             UNIVERSITY OF




                    SCOTTISH NATIONAL                     KIDNEY KIDS 

                                TEAM                                      SCOTLAND