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Kilt Hand Stitched Heavy Weight (16oz)

  • £595.00

Heavyweight tartan is the most traditional for a made to measure kilt. The extra weight of the cloth gives a more pronounced swing as hangs closer to your legs at the back. If the kilt is being worn alot or being transported, this is the better weight to use as it keeps its shape better and does not require as much maintenance.

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers' team of hand picked kiltmakers make to the highest possible standard. Features of this quality kilt include:

  • 8 yards of tartan to give the maximum number of pleats and depth to every pleat. 
  • Kilts are individually shaped on the pleats to your exact size. To make sure that no sagging or slipping occurs whilst wearing the kilt.
  • The shaping on the kilt ensures that it fits into the small of the back. This gives the best possible hang and swing to the kilt.
  • Kilts made either to the Sett or Stripe as requested.
  • 3 buckles are put on the kilt to provide the best possible fit.
  • Patterned matched sporran loops and waistband.
  • Kilts are made with room for growth.
  • Finest quality canvas & lining. These natural fibre products allow the kilt to breathe more easily & make the kilt feel comfortable.
  • Our tartan comes from long established Scottish mills whose quality and sett size are the industry standard.
  • Delivery time of 4 -6 weeks but can be quicker if the fabric is in stock.
  • We can supply all tartans registered apart from restricted tartans.

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