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Kilt Hand Stitched Medium Weight (13oz)

  • £495.00

Mediumweight tartan is the most popular choice for a made to measure kilt.

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers' team of hand picked kiltmakers make to the highest possible standard. Features of these quality kilt include:

  • 8 yards of cloth to give the maximum number of pleats and depth to every pleat.  If your hip measure is over 46" then we would recommend a 9 yard kilt to get the desired number of pleats and proper depth of pleat. There is an additional charge of £100 for a 9 yard kilt. If we deem 9 yards necessary, we will contact you directly once your order has been placed.
  • Kilts are individually shaped on the pleats to your exact size to make sure that no sagging or slipping occurs whilst wearing the kilt.
  • The shaping on the kilt ensures that it fits into the small of the back. This gives the best possible hang and swing.
  • Kilts can be pleated either to the sett or stripe as requested.
  • 3 buckles are put on the kilt to provide the best possible fit.
  • Pattern matched sporran loops and waistband.
  • Kilts are made with room for growth.
  • Finest quality canvas and lining. These natural fibre products allow the kilt to breathe more easily and make the kilt feel comfortable.
  • Our tartan comes from long established Scottish mills whose quality and sett size are the industry standards.
  • Delivery time of 6-8 weeks but can be quicker if the fabric is in stock.
  • We can supply all of the tartans that are registered as long as they are woven, apart from restricted tartans. 
  • Some tartans may only come in heavy weight or be considered an old and rare tartan this adds £100 to your order which we will contact you about once your order has been made.
  • We will be in touch to confirm your sizes are correct and that your tartan is available, as not all tartan are woven.  

For measurement tips please visit our guide.