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The Traditional Art of Kiltmaking

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The time honoured tradition of kiltmaking is still alive and well and in Demand,

With the move towards a throw away culture and the introduction of cheap imported goods we are still doing what we do best making kilts to traditional standards

our industry is becoming difficult to understand as some companies use the term hand finished implying the kilt is hand made when in fact it is not

The difference in hang and swing between a hand stitched kilt and that of a hand finished or machine made kilt is vast, because the kilt is individually shaped to fit each person, it fits snuggly in the small of the back and follows your shape to the widest part of the seat and then the pleats hang in a natural posistion and this gives the kilt the Hang and Swing that we have all come to associate with a kilt

If you are looking for the geniune article this is what we do best