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Ornamental Regalia - Lion Decorative

  • £150.00

Lion Decorative 

We are proud to present an exclusive addition to our range – Ornamental Regalia. These new accessories are the safer, modern alternative to the Sgian Dubh. These decorative blades are traditional in design and shape. However, they are fitted for the modern man. With knife legislation getting stricter and Sgian Dubhs being confiscated this has inspired a new concept that preserves tradition while also being a practical alternative.

Each tool comes with a decorative, quality leather sheath. 

The ornamental regalia is beautifully handmade in Dundee. The designs were inspired by Scottish heritage Museums. This passion to honour the past while adapting to modern influences inspired the ancient Celtic designs. While the decorative blades are stunning visually these tools were crafted ergonomically to ensure maximum comfort. 

These bespoken pieces are all priced at £150. They are ergonomic, quality alternatives to Sgian Dubhs that would compliment any traditional kilt outfit.

Disclaimer: All handles may vary.