Our CANONGATE SALES STORE is currently CLOSED for refurbishment from SUNDAY 4th FEBRUARY 2024 for approximately 6 weeks. Our Sales Team have RELOCATED to our HIRE STORE 19-21 St Marys Street to continue business as usual, during this time. ALL COLLECTIONS including Made-to-Measure Orders MUST be arranged by PRIOR APPOINTMENT ONLY to avoid disappointment. Thank you for your co-operation.

A Canongate Rennaissance- Chapter 2

As most of you who follow our Social Media channels will know - the GNKfamily flagship store on Edinburgh's Historic Canongate is currently in the midst of a rather overdue refurbishment. 
In the decade and a half that we have occupied this wonderful old building's ground floor and basement, we have experienced much. Notwithstanding the establishment and growth of our heritage craft enterprise into a commercially viable business, we have also welcomed visitors form every part of the globe, cheered the resurrected Riding of the Marches, survived pandemic lockdowns, witnessed the final Royal procession of Queen Elizabeth II from Holyrood Palace to St Giles Cathedral, among many other less noteworthy, yet no less important daily occurrances. These moments bring home to us how short but illuminating our time spent here is - we are the latest in a long line of custodians who watch over the everyday making of history on this busy thoroughfare.

The Canongate. During the procession of his Majesty George Ivth. (Edinburgh, Augt. 22nd. 1822)'. Artist/engraver/cartographer: Engraved by J. Cousen; Drawn by T. Allom. Provenance: "Scotland"; by William Beattie, M.D.

The Canongate during the Procession of his Majesty George IVth (Edinburgh Augt. 22nd. 1822)

Upon closing our doors temporarily to trade on the evening of Saturday 3rd February 2024, we emptied our ground floor retail area of every kilt, jacket and sgian dubh, every rail and cupboard, every fixture, fitting and not-so-well-fitting furnishing ! The vacated space seemed to grow significantly upon emptying, and excited us all about the imminent redesign of this significant shop floor. 

Inside the Empty shop floor of 189 Canongate, new partition framework in place Inside the Empty shop floor of 189 Canongate, New partition Framework in Place Inside the Empty shop floor of 189 Canongate,  blocked up archways from a previous retail existance

Looking at the now uncovered walls, you might notice outlines of bricked - up archways. These were once openings through to more retail floors from the days when Forsyths of Edinburgh once operated their own Highlandwear department from within this same premises ! 

With the space now emptied, the transformation could begin in earnest. A new layout has been mapped and framework put in place to support our carefully planned handbuilt shopfit, designed to create a multi-functional space to meet every need of our unique enterprises daily operations.

With foundation framework in place and electric re-wiring complete, the boys from Capital Cornice now put their fine talents into practice, transforming ceilings and walls with incredible attention to detail.

Capital Cornice get the plastering done ! 

Capital Cornice Team at work Capital Cornice Team at work

Capital Cornice Team at work Capital Cornice Team at work Capital Cornice Team at work

Capital Cornice Team at work.

And so, the blank, smooth canvas has been expertly created into which the carefully planned and beautifully handbuilt furnishings will be fitted, transforming this space and ultimately the entire GNK experience.

Stay curious, the next chapter will follow soon - in the meantime, follow our social channels Instagram and Facebook for further glimpses behind the scenes !