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Can you tell me what tartan I am?  
That we can. But our ways are ancient and mysterious (we have a book). Email us the name you’d like us to look up and we’ll find out if there is a tartan associated with it.

I don't see my tartan on your website - does that mean you don't do it?
The tartans featured on our website are woven and kept in stock by our mills, House of Edgar and Lochcarron. We can, however, reach out to other suppliers, or even have a tartan woven to order (if it is unrestricted). If you have seen a particular tartan elsewhere that you like, drop us an email and we will explore your options.
How long does it take to make a kilt?
A single kilt takes a fully-trained GNK kiltmaker between 2 to 3 full days to make. Due to our workload and the time it takes to source the cloth, we quote 6 to 10 weeks. For our current lead times, get in touch.
Do you make your kilts by hand?
We most certainly do. Just take a look at our exacting GNK Standard.
How many yards in a kilt?
We believe 8 yards provide the perfect balance between deep pleats (at least 27 of them) and comfort. We can, however, make 9 yard kilts for an additional £100. Yardage also increases in proportion to the wearer’s size (i.e. for a 46” plus seat, a 9-yard kilt is a must).
Will you alter kilts made by other kiltmakers?
Not every kilt contains enough material to be altered. But we’ll certainly take a look. Find out more about Alterations & Repairs. 
How quickly can I get a pair of trews?
The standard lead time on a pair of made-to-measure trews is 4 to 6 weeks. But we can sometimes run them up quicker at an express cost. Get in touchand we will do our best to help.

Can I return something that doesn’t fit?
If it hasn’t been made to measure, worn or used, then certainly. Read our Returns & Refunds Policy.

I have removed an item from my cart which has custom options at an additional charge attached, but the additional charges are still in my shopping basket?
For example, if you add a Celtic FC Child's hire kilt to your basket, which has an additional cost of +£10 due to the tartan being a GNK exclusive, the total appears as £35. When you click "remove" to take the item out of your cart a subtotal of £10 remains in the basket - why is this? In short, your browser is full of cookies and remembers your shopping behaviour. It forgets to forget things added to baskets sometimes if your browser is overloaded with old data.
To entirely clear your shopping cart if this is an issue for you either:
a) Clear your cookies and cache from your browser - a fresh start!
b) On Google Chrome - open an incognito page with no previous data history and shop from here.
Any further questions on this simply get in touch via email or send us a live chat message.

Do I have to make an appointment?
If you’re being measured for something or choosing an outfit, we would recommend making an appointment to ensure a member of our lovely team is available for you. So drop us a line or give us a call - especially if you plan on coming in at the weekend.
Is Gordon a real person?
We hope so. Otherwise, we don’t know who that bearded guy over there is.