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Sometimes it’s nice to go barefoot. Walking hand in hand along a beach with a loved one. Or in bed. But for all other contexts, we are delighted to offer elegant highland footwear solutions.

If you’re not sure whether to go black or brown, ask yourself what you’d wear with a suit to the occasion. And be sure to match your shoes to your sporran. 

Ghillie Brogue

The most traditional form of Scottish footwear, the Ghillie began its life as a rural working shoe. The perforations - common to all brogues - and absence of a tongue meant that water could drain out easily. And the long laces prevented the boggy ground from sucking them off. Lovely.

How To Wear It:

Ghillies have come a long way from their functional origins. The traditional high-shine black Ghillie is mandatory footwear for black tie occasions, worn with cream or black hose and an Argyll or Prince Charlie. The brown Ghillie is well-suited to ‘transition’ looks like the Holyrood and semi dress sporran, which can be worn to both daytime and evening events.

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Classic Brogue

Derived from the Gaelic for ‘shoe’ (‘bròg’), brogues have multi-piece sturdy leather uppers and decorative perforations. Once reserved for country living, their heritage appeal has widened their remit today, and they can be seen everywhere from the high street to the boardroom.

Brogues are a popular option for less formal highlandwear occasions - with the added advantage that they can be worn with trousers too.

How To Wear It:

Luxurious but robust, brogues look exceptionally well with tweeds. They can be worn with any shade of hose except cream, where the absence of long laces will be glaringly obvious..

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