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Kilt Pins

At GNK, we have a little story that we like to tell customers about kilt pins.

“It was 1855 or 1867 (we’re a bit hazy on the details but it was definitely the nineteenth century) and Queen Victoria was visiting Edinburgh. She was a big fan of all things Scotland, Queen Victoria. And who can blame her? Anyway, she was taking a turn around the town with her customary entourage, a Highland regiment, and one of those stiff breezes / light gales for which we’re famous blew up the kilt of the soldier next to her. Now, we wouldn’t want to speculate about what a nineteenth-century Scottish soldier wore under his kilt… but Queen Victoria wasn’t happy about it. Maybe she got the fright of her life. Or maybe she was disappointed. Either way, she immediately pulled out a hat pin and stuck it in his front apron. Henceforward, all military kilts had, by royal decree, to be worn with a fastening. And THAT’s why we wear kilt pins.”

Sounds good, doesn’t it?

While we would not be willing to swear in court to the truth of this story, we can testify that kilt pins are an important part of contemporary highlandwear accessorising. Available in a wide range of styles, from the utility safety pin (we don’t sell those) to clan crests to ornate pieces in sterling silver. 

How To Wear It:

A kilt pin can be relied on to stop your top apron flapping in windy weather, but should never be pinned through more than one layer since it will spoil the hang of your kilt.

We recommend matching your kilt pin to the cantle of your sporran.

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