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Alterations & Repairs

kilt alteration repair


GNK kilts are made to last you a lifetime.

Treated with care, they will stay exactly the same. But we can’t say the same for our waistlines.

If you have a kilt in need of alteration, bring it into one of our shops - we’ll take your measurements and hand it over to one of our experienced in-house kiltmakers for assessment. There are no guarantees - but we’ll try our best to provide a solution.* 

We want your GNK kilt to go the distance so we leave plenty of fabric inside for expansion. Kilts bought elsewhere may have less cloth in them. And machine-made ones are a lot harder to unpick. But will still take a good long hard look at them.

We offer 3 services, depending on how much alteration is required.

Price List:

- Buckle Move - £35 -

- Apron Alteration - £150 (£175 for machine-made kilts) -

- Remake - £295 (£345 for machine-made kilts) -

*We request that all kilts are dry cleaned before alteration.



Accidents happen. Moths happen.

While a moth-eaten kilt will never look exactly the same, we provide darning services. You'll be left with scars. Own them.

In more drastic cases, or for a good-as-new finish, we may be able to replace your apron.

Prices will be individually assessed.


Pressing & Cleaning

We provide specialist kilt pressing and cleaning.

Price List:

- Tack & Press - £45 -

Dry Clean, Tack & Press - £75 -