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Alterations & Repairs

Give your beloved kilt a new lease of life
Make the most of your kilt, by making the most of our in house alterations and repairs service.
Carried out by skilled kiltmakers, we can give your kilt a new lease of life through alteration or repair.
Get in touch with us today to make your appointment to visit us in store with your kilt.
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Buckle Move | Apron Alterations | Full Remake

Treated with care, a well tailored, handmade kilt is made to last a lifetime. But we can’t say the same for our waistlines.

If you have a kilt in need of alteration, please bring it into one of our shops - we’ll take your measurements and hand it over to one of our experienced in-house kiltmakers for assessment. There are no guarantees - but we’ll try our best to provide a solution.* 

We want your kilt to go the distance so we leave plenty of fabric inside for expansion. Kilts bought elsewhere may have less cloth in them. And machine-made ones are a lot harder to unpick - But, we will still take a good long hard look at them. We will also assess kilts made by other kiltmakers for alterations.
Please allow around 1 week for the assessment to take place - this involves opening the kilt up to take a look under the lining in most cases. If there's nothing we can do (although we will always do our best to give your kilt a new lease of life), the kilt will be put returned to you in its original state. If the alteration can take place, please allow upwards of 4 weeks for this to be completed - if you have an upcoming event it's required for please let the sales team know upon your first visit.

You are required to visit us with your kilt in store for alterations.

We offer a number of services, depending on how much alteration is required.

Price List:

- Buckle Move - £55 -
The Buckle Move involves moving the straps and buckles of your kilt along either to make the kilt tighter or looser - you can gain or lose a maximum or 2-3 inches depending on how the kilt has been made.

- Apron Alteration - Starting at £215 (£230 for machine-made kilts) -
The Aprons Alteration involves resizing the aprons to fit your new shape and therefore allowing you to gain or lose a good amount from the kilt, depending on how it has originally been made.

- Aprons and New Pleats - Starting at £230 (£245 for machine-made kilts) + cost of cloth -
The Aprons Alteration involves resizing the aprons to fit your new shape and therefore allowing you to gain or lose a good amount from the kilt, depending on how it has originally been made. You can also add cloth for an additional cost allowing us to add more pleats and a brand new under apron to add more area to the kilt.

- Shortening - Starting at £215 (£230 for machine-made kilts) -
We can shorten your kilt for you by taking off the original waistcand, cutting off the required length, re-shaping the kilt and re-attaching the waistband. This is a tricky process but avoids hems which cause too much bulk at the bottom of the kilt and doesn't allow for such a good swing or hang.

- Remake - £395 (£445 for machine-made kilts) -
The full Remake involves un-picking the entire kilt, recalculating your measurements and the maths involved in kiltmaking, and building the kilt to a new size from scratch from the original fabric. Again, this can only be carried out depending on the new sizes required and how the kilt as been made originally.

*We request that all kilts are dry cleaned before alteration.


Accidents happen. Moths happen. Nights out also happen...

While a moth-eaten kilt will never look exactly the same, we provide a darning or patching services depending on the severity of the damage.
You'll be left with scars. Own them! All kilts tell a story and the odd patch adds to this.

In some cases, we can also replace an apron entirely if the damage is severe and matching cloth available or swap the front and under aprons over.

Repair prices will be individually assessed and discussed with you upon visiting us in store with your kilt.

Pressing & Cleaning

We provide specialist kilt pressing and cleaning.

Price List:
- Tack & Press - £65 -
  • Tacking involves re-measuring the hanging pleats, sewing them back into place again as per brand new kilts, and pressing them so the sharp knife edge returns.
Dry Clean, Tack & Press - £95 -
  • Your kilt will be sent off to our specialist and eco-friendly dry cleaners. This can take about 1 week minimum. We will then tack all of your hanging pleats back into place again and press them to return the sharp knife edge again.