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Some ties you can’t wait to loosen - others you’ll want to keep on all night.

We offer a wide range of specialist neckwear. From plain ties designed to bring your highlandwear look together to tartan dicky bows to make a statement out of the most ordinary outfit.

Bow Ties

Our most formal accessory. A bow tie is a must if you’re wearing a three-buttoned Prince Charlie waistcoat. (Try a normal tie and you’ll spend the entire event tucking it back in). Can also be worn with an Argyll to up the ante for super swanky occasions.

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Plain Ties

The fabric for our plain straight ties come from the same mills that weave our tartan. The cloth uses same dyes so you can match your tie exactly to any colour in your kilt. You’d be amazed how a well-chosen tie can make any given colour in your tartan pop. 

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Tartan Ties

If we can source the tartan, we can make you a tie from it. Whether it’s a straight tie to pair with a suit, or a matching tartan bow tie to wear with your kilt and a Prince Charlie. A wildly popular gift. Buy one for your dad and you’ll soon have requests from the entire family. 

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