Made-to-Measure kilts, jackets/waistcoats and outfits are now at a 20 week minimum lead time, trews are a minimum of 12 weeks. No more accessories or alterations are being accepted at this time. This is subject to change due to demand on our team and suppliers, we cannot make exceptions - thank you for your patience.

GNK Design Archive

Original designs from our expanding archive.

Baron of Richecourt tartan
Butties tartan
Celtic Football Club tartan
Chief Executives Organisation (CEO) tartan
Flodden tartan
Fong Celebration tartan
Frankenmuth Insurance tartan
International Mediators tartan
John Cunningham tartan
John Muir Way tartan
Kidney Kids tartan

Kidney Kids

Knights Templar Dress tartan
Knights Templar Hunting tartan
Lochside tartan
Lodge Rosslyn of Switzerland tartan
Miracle-Ear tartan
Page tartan
Raymon James tartan
Scotland National Team tartan
SiMBA tartan
Spectra tartan
Stand Up! Records tartan
Toyota tartan


University of Edinburgh tartan
Whitcombe tartan