Made-to-Measure kilts and outfits are now at a 20 week minimum lead time; Made-to-Measure Trews, Jackets and Waistcoats are a minimum of 6 - 8 weeks and bespoke accessories are a minimum of 8 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Children's Argyll Hire Outfit
Children's Argyll Hire Outfit

Children's Argyll Hire Outfit

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Package includes:

  • Mediumweight kilt in a tartan of your choosing
  • Argyll jacket and five-buttoned waistcoat
  • Sporran and chain strap
  • Tie or cravat
  • Ghillie brogues
  • Dummy sgian dubh
  • Kilt pin
  • Garter flashes

    Because nobody's measurements are perfect, we recommend coming into the shop for a fitting. The sooner the better. Go on - it will be fun. Contact us to make an appointment.

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