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Measuring Guide: Trews

A Thorough & Comprehensive Measuring Guide to Help You Achieve The Perfect Military or Argyll Trews

A great and accurate measure is critical to a well fitting trews.
Follow our step by step measuring guide to ensure your measurements are accurate when submitting with your trews order.

It's worth noting our two styles:
Argyll Trews - like suit trousers but can be tailored to sit higher on the waist for wearing with either a suit or kilt jacket.
Military Trews - these sit much higher on the waist, where a kilt would, they have a fish tail back and they are ideal for wearing with a shorter kilt jacket.

There's a number of finishes you can choose for your trews too! From different pocket styles and placements, a choice of closures and the addition of buttons for braces - you can view these options when ordering trews.

Step One : Identifying You Body Shape

It's important to identify your body shape to measure correctly - different shapes require slightly different measuring techniques, keep this in mind.
The following diagram illustrates three basic shapes: Slim, Athletic/Average, Fuller.

Slim - Athletic/Average - Fuller
If you feel you are somewhere in between, it's worth watching a couple of the video provided that best relate to you.

Step Two : Preparing to Measure

You have identified your body shape, now it's time to prepare to measure.
You will need a measuring tape, ideally in inches.
We are looking for the following, keep this in mind throughout the following steps:

-Take everything our of your pockets and remove bulky jumpers
- When measuring the length and wear shoes you are likely to wear with your trews - don't look down!
- Stand up nice and straight with your feet close together
- It's beneficial to find someone to help you
- Watch our videos closely to learn how to measure specifically for your body shape and either military or argyll styles.

& Here's the points on the body that we will be looking for:
- Natural Waist Measurement for Military Trews: this doesn't refer to where the wait of your trousers sits, but instead where your natural waist is. Slim, athletic and average figures may find it useful to identify the belly button as a guide (although the belly button can vary from person to person) and use this mark as a guide to measure around. Feel down your sides for the top of the pelvis and run the tape measure in this dip above this prominent bone.
- Waist Measurement for Argyll Trews: you may wish to wear a pair of suit trousers you like and use the waist here as a guide. This waist measure can be where you find comfortable. If you plan on wearing a suit jacket, this style of trews is ideal.
- Hip/Seat: This refers to your widest point around the bum.
- Length - Outside and Insire Leg: From the waist previously found, for military or argyll styles, measure down the outside of the leg to the desired length and repear for the inside leg from the crotch to the desired length.


Argyll Trews

Military Trews

Now, we know our body shape, we know what points on the body we require measurements for - let's now watch the videos the apply to us for further guidance on how to get the perfect measure.

Step Three : The Measuring

Slim Figures

Slim figures refers to those who are straight up and down with little belly or bum.
Watch this video to get to grips with the ins and outs of measuring for a slim frame and read through our useful measuring hints and tips further down the page.

Average and Athletic Figures

Athletic and average sized figures follow similar methods. This refers to those with a bit of shape in the belly, the bum and sometimes the thighs too.
Watch this video to get to grips with the ins and outs of measuring for a slim frame and read through our useful measuring hints and tips further down the page.

Fuller Frames

Fuller frames refer to those with more of a belly and a bum.

Watch this video to get to grips with the ins and outs of measuring for a slim frame and read through our useful measuring hints and tips further down the page.

Hints and Tips

- Natural Waist (Military):
Feel down the sides of the body and find the top of the pelvis bone, measure with a tape around the body just above this bone (not around the bone or under the ribs) - Finding the belly button may help you. This is a body measure, not too loose, not too tight, just what is there.

- Waist (Argyll):
You may wish to wear a pair of jeans or suit trousers you are already comfortable in and measure the preferred waist from here. Keep in mind what style of jacket you plan to wear with the trews - you don't want to measure your Argyll trews waist too low if you plan to ever wear a kilt jacket with them. This is a body measure, not too loose, not too tight, just what is there.

- Hip/Seat:
In other words, measure around the bum and hips. Again, this is a body measure, let us know what's there - watch that the measuring tape isn't too loose or too tight.

- Length:
We recommend wearing the shoes or boots you plan on wearing with your trews when doing this and no looking down!
Outside Leg -
This refers to measuring from the waist measure to the desired length down the outside of the leg.
Inside Leg - Pull the trousers you are wearing up if the are baggy. Measure from the base of the crotch down the inside leg to the desired length.
*Measure a little longer if you are unsure so we can alter the length for you later*

- Thigh:
Measure around the widest point of the thigh pulling the tape slightly upwards at the outside of the leg if you desire a slightly looser fit, or measuring the widest point of the thigh as is fr a more fitted pair of trews.

- Ankle:
For more fitted trews you may wish to measure your ankle slightly tighter, but always ensure the tape can comfortably move around your ankle - remember your foot must fit through this when you are taken them on and off! An ankle measure of around 14" is considered a pretty tapered fit, while 16-17" would be a straighter leg.

- Calf:
More athletic builds may wish to supply us with an additional measure taken from around the calf - this ensures that even if going for more fitted trews, we can tailor them so they will comfortably fit over your calves. Measure around the widest point of your calf as is.

Step Four: Double Check

Everybody is different so don't hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions on measuring or would rather make an appointment in store instead. Our team double check all measurements before work commences and if they are any questions over what you have submitted they will be in touch to chat them over.

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers Made-to-measure trews

Take your time when measuring and read through this information carefully. Feel free to give us a shout via email, phone or live chat during opening hours if you need further assistance.

Once you have your measurements your ready to start choosing your cloth and ordering your made-to-measure trews