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Inside Highlandwear: Trews

Perhaps you've run out of kilt hangers. Or full highlandwear feels a bit too OTT for the occasion. Maybe you're worried about outshining the groom. Or have you been feeling the cold in your knees...?

Whatever your reason, trews are the solution. An accessible route into highlandwear. Or, let's face it, just another excuse to buy something in tartan.

We're Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers. But we make a fine pair of trews too.



A versatile cut, Argyll trews sit just a bit higher than your everyday suit trousers. A popular crossover item that will work on both formal and informal occasions.

How To Wear It:

Argyll trews look good with kilt jackets and suit jackets alike (although we favour the former - naturally).

Chelsea boots give a military finish, whilst a thick-soled brogue dresses them down.

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A formal fishtail cut for black tie events, military trews sit at kilt height. What they sacrifice in versatility they make up for in sophistication and impact.

How To Wear It:

The only pair of trews that can be worn with a Prince Charlie kilt jacket. Match your braces to your tartan for a flash of colour.

A natural fit for well-polished chelsea boots and elegant leather-soled brogues.

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