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Meet The Makers: LoullyMakes

An integral part of the GNK Family - LoullyMakes.
Louise Nicolson, the creative designer and maker behind LoullyMakes makes up one half of the dynamic Nicolson duo, keeping the GNK family strong and wife and partner in all things to the boss, Gordon. LoullyMakes is a brand proudly upholding the "made in Scotland" ethos, creating unique pieces bringing the highest quality Scottish tartans, together with luxurious Liberty prints.
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Created by hand from her home studio in Dunbar, LoulyMakes most recent collection took inspiration from the Starz TV show based on Diana Gabaldon's novel series, "Outlander". Each piece has been carefully considered, from the traditional choice of timeless tartan, to the Romantic Scottish Highland setting it has been captured in.

LoullyMakes Weathered MacKenzie Outlandish Shawl

LoullyMakes Isle of Skye Outlandish Shawl, styled with exclusive Normal Milne brass stag pin.

Captured in the Scottish Highlands, Glencoe.

Accessories by Loullymakes
Photography and Modelling by Rose+Julien