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Outlandish: A LoullyMakes Collection

Capturing the beautiful and dramatic romance of Scotland through luxurious handmade accessories and editorial vision...
As we get to grips with this "New Normal" of rules and regulations we aren't used to becoming part of every aspect of our lives, a think a little romantic escapism is in order...

LoullyMakes Outlandish Collection


Now more than ever, finding what we, individually, see as beauty in the world is vital. We must remind ourselves that the difficulty of right now is just a small part of what is truly out there. We must ask ourselves what makes me tick? What do I love? What do I find beautiful? What is it that will take my mind off the worries of today for a moment?
It was this consideration that inspired sharing LoullyMakes Outlandish editorial with Rose + Julien. Right now, home is closer to us than ever. We simply cannot leave for the safety of ourselves and those around us. To see Scotland, and all she encompasses, portrayed in such a stunning way through both textiles and imagery, is a moment of true escapism.

LoullyMakes Outlandish Collection
Louise Nicolson is the talented creative behind LoullyMakes - a sustainable design conscious, thoughtful, hand made accessories brand based in Dunbar, Scotland. Louise is also one half of the dynamic and hardworking Nicolson duo behind Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers.
Her lifelong passion for all things textiles and colour is portrayed throughout her pieces, lovingly made in her garden studio. LoullyMakes designs bring beautifully woven tartans together with luxurious Liberty fabrics to create a unique and harmonious fusion of cloth and pattern.
A huge fan of the Starz series Outlander, Louise has built a number of collections based on all of the beauty of the show and the rich culture it portrays to create a line of timeless pieces that sings Scottish drama and romance through hand crafted accessories.
"Being the huge fans of Outlander that Gordon and I are, the Starz TV series is undoubtedly my inspiration here - the costumes and the styling so beautifully capture the imagination and support the storyline vividly. I felt that the authentic Scottish fabrics which we work with here at GNK were also worthy of telling their own stories - so my Outlandish collection features simple, timeless accessory styles, handcrafted from a carefully curated selection of traditional tartans. Revealed against the dramatic backdrop of our incredible landscapes, their inherent beauty is breathtaking." - Louise Nicolson, LoullyMakes

For those of you who haven't seen the show or read the books, Outlander tells the story of 20th century ex-combat nurse Claire Randall's adventures in 18th Century Scotland.
She falls through an ancient standing stone and finds herself in Highland Scotland in 1743, rife with British Red Coats chasing the unruly Clans through the glens as tensions mount before the penultimate 1746 Battle of Culloden.
She falls in love with handsome, ever kilted, Clansman Jamie Fraser, despite missing her husband living in the future (who also happens to be a villainous British officer in the 1700s). A number of eccentric and entertaining characters develop along the way both fictitious and historical portrayals. It is a really great watch especially if you love drama, Scottish culture and romance. Us kiltmakers have a lot to thank it for! It will have you desperate to skip through a glen in some tartan (well it had that effect on me certainly)...and I challenge you not to have a quick tap of the next standing stone you happen to come across without slightly hoping you'll fall through...
LoullyMakes Outlandish Collection
Bringing the LoullyMakes Outlandish collection together with another, equally, dynamic and creative duo, Rose Ellis and Julien Borghino truly moved the collection into a new realm of beauty. This romantic editorial is what we all need right now - a moment of serene escape into a stunning Scottish fantasy, with the dramatic Glencoe landscape as the backdrop. In a nutshell, Rose and Julien captured Louise's vision and inspiration and brought it to life.

LoullyMakes Outlandish Collection
"There are few locations that capture the story of Scotland in a single frame, but Glencoe will always prevail. For us to visualise the essence of LoullyMakes' tactile textiles through a digital means, we needed to show the Outlandish collection in context. By surrounding the pieces with the dramatic hills of the Highlands, the story of their creation and the source of their inspiration is told in image." - Rose + Julien

LoullyMakes Outlandish Collection
A truly beautiful collection made its way home, in many ways, in these equally beautiful images. My first thought was "this is just like watching an episode of Outlander" - the designs, modelling, styling, photography did absolutely what it set out to do.