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The kilberry Sgian Dubh

Our Kilberry Sgian Dubh's are a very special part of our handpicked highlandwear collection.
Hand turned by the talented craftsmen of Kilberry Bagpipes - the last hand made bagpipe makers in Edinburgh.

Handmade Kilberry Bagpipes sgian dubh handmade for Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers

Each and every Kilberry sgian dubh has been created by a talented artisan from the off-cuts of African Blackwood used in turning drones for bagpipes. The handy of the sgian dubh is then completed with a damascus steel blade and a leather sheath.

The sgian dubh holds a ceremonial role in highland dress today, but its past has a wee bit more to it. Sgian Dubh is Gaelic for "Black knife" or rather, "Hidden dagger". A highlandwear would sometimes hide his sgian dubh in the folds of his kilt, bringing it out in a fight when his opponent least expected it. They were also used for more day-to-day purposes too - highlanders worked the land and knew it well, the sgian dubh was a handy wee knife if you ever found yourself needing to perhaps skin a rabbit one never know in the rouged highlands of Scotland what may befall you after all. Further to this, there was a social component to the sgian dubh also - a highlander would wear the sgian dubh visible in the top of the hose of his fighting (now writing...) hand. If he entered a persons home and meant to harm, he would swap the sgian dubh into the top of the opposite sock showing he came in peace.


Handmade Kilberry Bagpipes sgian dubh handmade for Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers

The Kilberry Sgian Dubh collection consists of five beautiful designs available to browse right here.
Not only are they handmade in Kilberry's Edinburgh work shop, they have created with beauty longevity and sustainability in mind. The perfect addition to your kilt outfit or gift for someone special.

Featuring bagpipe maker Ruari Black
Captured by Greg Chalmers - Ashton Haig Commercial