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Timeless Tweed - The Lovat Charcoal Tweed Jacket and Waistcoat

In July 2022, we finally welcomed our long-awaited Charcoal Tweed Jacket and Waistcoat.
Thanks to the generous expertise and guidance of Lovat Mill, myself & Louise were able to develop an original tweed that's a just wee bit different...
Keen to offer classic charcoal tweeds to meet our exacting customers demands, we wanted to create a versatile jacket and waistcoat that would make every tartan sing! The GNKfamily Charcoal Tweed began with a sound base of black and assorted grey fibres, which were thoughtfully blended with varying amounts of differing blues, greens and brown tones. 

The development of our exclusive Charcoal Tweed by Gordon & Louise in partnership with Lovat Mill

When our first trial tweed sample was woven...too blue....back to the fibre mix to revalue & reblend the subtle shades. The day we received the second trial sample we excitedly unwrapped it, still standing on our doorstep - just as the sun obligingly shone out from behind a cloud,  illuminating the full natural beauty of this new cloth - handsomely balancing fresh green, earthy brown and cool blue highlights through the enduring deep grey. Perfection !

Lovat Charcoal Tweeds with Holyrood Tartan Kilt Oufit


The subtle fusion of colours allows this multifaceted tweed to transcend neutrality. When paired with any of our colourful tartans, complimentary flecks in the tweed  highlight the harmony between the distinct materials, radiating elegance.
Available for hire, as part of kilt outfit packages or simply as a jacket and waistcoat (always sold together)

Hebridean Hoolie Kilt Outfit with Lovat Charcoal TweedsHolyrood Trews Outfit with Lovat Charcoal Tweeds

 The Lovat Charcoal Tweeds pair perfectly with either kilt or trews.


Hebridean Hoolie Kilt Outfit with Lovat Charcoal Tweeds


Whether you are investing in a Made-to-Measure Jacket & Waistcoat, or hiring an outfit for a special occasion, the thoughtfully versatile Lovat Charcoal Tweeds are only available from Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers.