Made-to-Measure kilts and outfits are now at a 20 week minimum lead time; Made-to-Measure Trews, Jackets and Waistcoats are a minimum of 12 weeks and bespoke accessories are a minimum of 8 weeks. Thank you for your patience.

Editorial: Into The Wild - Everyday Tweeds

Tweed is one of those wardrobe classics we just can't get enough of. Why should we save our tweeds and highlandwear for special occasions...when we could be wearing it everyday?
This collection of the Into The Wild series looks at tweed in a more casual sense, fuelling your imagination to start seeing tweed kilts as your "go to" instead of "save for..."

Handmade kilts created from Lovat Mill tweed, featuring made-to-measure waistcoats and introducing custom made pockets.

The pockets flow with the body, they are removable and adjustable, finished with a fashionable faux leather binding and bring a casual element to your beloved handmade kilt.
Learn more about custom pockets here.

Made-to-Measure Lovat Mill tweed kilts with custom made pockets. Styled with antler kilt pins and relaxed House of Cheviot hose.

Scott: Navy Kirkton 539 handmade kilt with custom tweed pockets. Styled with an antler kilt pin and square front waistcoat in Teviot 984 tweed.
Rad: Grey check Kirkton 530 tweed with matching custom made pockets.

Handmade to perfection from the very finest Scottish tweeds - woven by Lovat Mill - The Home of Tweed

Made-to-measure navy Kirkton 539 tweed kilt with matching custom made pockets. Styled with tailor made double breasted, square front waistcoat in Teviot 984 tweed and complete with daring floral shirt and antler kilt pin, with relaxed peat hose and thistle leather brogue chelsea boots.

Custom made to exacting standards by talented kiltmakers in the very finest Scottish tweed.

Ready for you tweed highlandwear outfit with handmade kilt?
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& learn more about ordering your made-to-measure handmade tweed kilt here.