Measuring Guide: Kilt

Height Expected Length

5.6" to 5.7"

22" to 22.5"

5.8" to 5.9"

23" to 23.5"

5.10" to 5.11"

24" to 24.5"

6" to 6.2"

24.5" to 25.5"

6.3" to 6.4"

26" to 26.5"

6.5" to 6.7"

27" to 27.5"

Waist: A neat measurement around your natural waist (level with or just above your belly button).

Hip: A loose measurement at the widest part of your seat.* (GNK Tip: The hip size should be a minimum of 5" bigger than the waist size - 6”-8” is our average).

Length: From natural waist to mid-knee - w e recommend you have someone take this measurement for you, so you can stand nice and straight (don’t look down!)

* If your hip measurement is 46" or above, you will need a 9 yard kilt. Otherwise, we won’t be able to meet our high pleating standard. The extra yardage and sewing will add £100 to the cost of your kilt.

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If you need any further advice, please get in touch. We are happy to help. All sizes are checked by us. If you’ve placed an order and we think your sizes look unusual, we will be in touch to double-check.