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Meet The Makers: Lovat Mill

Lovat Mill - The true home of tweed.
Creating the finest quality Scottish tweed, on the very sight on which the cloth Scotland gave to the world came in to being. Lovat Mill successfully and beautifully manages to maintain the textile traditions of the past, while pioneering the weaving future. Lovat Mill has made such an impact on the Scottish textiles world we ever refer to different colours as "Lovat", for example "Lovat Green"!
Here at GNK, we are exceptionally proud to work closely with Lovat Mill and the wonderful, visionary team who work there. Our favourite navy tweed jacket and waistcoat is made from tweed exclusively woven here - a multi-dimensional navy capturing reds, golds and greens.
See the Lovat Mills looms in action here.

Video courtesy of Lovat Mill.