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LoullyMakes handmade Flodden Commemorative tartan cowl
LoullyMakes handmade Flodden Commemorative tartan cowl

Flodden Cowl by LoullyMakes

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Essential Infinity Cowl Wrap, handmade in our beloved Flodden Commemorative tartan (100% Wool ). Woven with passion in the Scottish Borders.
Can be worn long and loose, wrapped snug, or pulled high to create a hood, wrapped like a small shawl or poncho , offering inherent insulating warmth without bulkiness.

The Flodden Tartan was designed by Gordon Nicolson in 2013 to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Battle of Flodden, where King James IV led the Scots against the armies of King Henry VIII and became the last reigning British Monarch to die in battle.
This cloth commemorates those who fought, those who died on both Scottish and English sides of the battle in 1513, as well as acknowledging the far-reaching effects of the battle for the generations who followed.

The colours woven here will forever lock together the two sides involved in the battle which took the lives of so many and devastated the lives of so many more for generations;

Red & Gold - represent the Lion Rampant of Scotland,
Green & White - represent the English Tudor colours,
Grey & Brown - represent the ground they fought for and where those defeated still lie.

Flodden Commemorative tartan is woven in Selkirk by Lochcarron of Scotland.

Lightweight 10 oz pure wool tartan.

100% wool. Hand Wash Only. Med Iron.

Approx 140cm x 44cm

All tartans are sourced from our Family-Run Kiltmaking Business.

Handmade to order - please allow 4 weeks for creation and dispatch.