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Editorial: Into The Wild - Tweed in The Glen

Taking Lovat Mill tweed back to its roots in the beautiful Scottish Borders.
Expertly tailored made-to-measure tweed highlandwear outfits with a formal twist. Thoughtfully chosen accessories to compliment the stunning tweeds and create an iconic look for the dapper gent.
Every element of the outfit has been carefully designed - from the complimenting tweeds and Liberty print linings down to the Scottish made sgian dubhs and kilt hose.

Made entirely in the United Kingdom by expert craftspeople and handmade kilts made under our roof in Edinburgh.

Scott: Teviot 984 tweed jacket and waistcoat with Kirkton 539 handmade kilt, burgundy neck tie and custom Margaret Morrison horse hair sporran, burgundy House of Cheviot Hose and brown ghillie brogues.
Rad: Kirkton 530 tweed jacket with matching kilt and contrast Kirkton 584 waistcoat, with blue House of Cheviot hose, black ghillie brogues and custom made Artisans of Scotland horse hair sporran.

Scott: Custom made Teviot 984 tweed square front double breasted waistcoat with Liberty Print back lining, Kirkton 539 handmade kilt and matching flashes, with Margaret Morrison horse hair sporran and oxblood brogue day sporran, Norman Milne wood and brass sgian dubh, House of Cheviot burgundy hose, finished with a burgundy neck tie.

Scott: Custom made Lovat Mill Tweed Jacket and square front double breasted waistcoat in Teviot 984, finished with Liberty print back and lining. Kirkton 539 handmade kilt, with Norman Milne brass stag kilt pin and Margaret Morrison hand crafted horse hair sporran. Complete with burgundy neck tie and House of Cheviot hose and finished with brown ghillie brogues.

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers made-to-measure tweed kilt outfits, handmade in scotland

Scott: Teviot 984 custom made tweed double breasted square front waistcoat, with Liberty print lining. Kirkton 539 tweed handmade kilt, with Norman Milne brass stag kilt pin, Oxblood brogue day sporran by Margaret Morrison, Loake day brogues, burgundy house of Cheviot hose and neck tie.
Rad: Kirkton 584 tweed wasitcoat with Kirkton 584 handmade tweed kilt. Styled with Artisans of Scotland hand crafted full dress sporran, House of Cheviot blue hose, Norman Milne sterling silver stag pin and black Thistle day brogues.

ScottL Kirkton 530 tweed jacket and kilt with Liberty print lining, and contrasting Kirkton 584 waistcoat. Styled with Artisans of Scotland horse hair sporran, Norman Milne sterling silver kilt pin, House of Cheviot blue hose, black ghillie brogues and Norman Milne handscafted sgian dubh.

Rad: Kirkton 530 tweed handmade kilt with contrast Kirkton 584 tweed waistcoat. Styled with House of Cheviot blue hose.

Gordon Nicolson Kiltmakers handmade tweed kilts and made-to-measure jackets and waistcoats

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Captured by Rose+Julien
Modelled by Scott Simpson and Rad Malcher
Tweed woven by Lovat Mill - The Home of Tweed
Hose courtesy of House of Cheviot
Sporrans courtesy of Artisans of Scotland and Margaret Morrison